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Supplementation Options For Bodybuilders

If you wish to develop an awesome physique, then you have to be willing to do extraordinary things to accomplish your goal. This means lots of hours in the gym working on different muscle groups. Intense discipline is required and this has to be sustained over a long period as results aren’t achieved overnight. Nutrition has to be on point as well. You need to feed your body with the right nutrients to be able to recover and grow stronger after the workouts. Natural food should always be at the core but sometimes supplements have to be added into the mix.


Most bodybuilders add some type of protein supplement to their daily diet. This helps them to reach the recommended dietary intake for increased muscle mass much faster. Relying solely on eggs, meat, fish, nuts, and protein-rich vegetables is also quite challenging on the digestive system. The use of powders is popular because it is more convenient and is easier on the gut. Simply mix it with water and you have an instant recovery drink after lifting weights. Powders can be taken anywhere at any time.


The benefits of creatine have been discovered more than a hundred years ago but its popularity as a performance-enhancing supplement only reached mainstream consciousness in the past few decades. This works best as a booster when engaging in high intensity activities that are repetitive and anaerobic. Examples include sprint sessions on the track, hill repeats, and heavy strength training. The effect on endurance athletes is less pronounced. This also increases resting testosterone levels by up to 22%.


Finally, we look into the possible use of anabolic steroids in bodybuilding. There is no denying the widespread appeal of these drugs within the community. They are seen as shortcuts to getting the bulked up physique commonly seen in fitness magazines. Just a few weeks of use can produce tremendous results. However, those who are thinking of doing so should be aware of the side effects as well. Taking an anabolic steroid can overwhelm the body and cause liver problems. Behavioral changes and cosmetic issues have also been observed. Perhaps most disconcerting of all are the development of characteristics usually attributed to the opposite sex.