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Steroids Used For Cutting Stacks

A cutting cycle involves the use of steroid cutting stacks, high intensity physical exercises and a diet that has caloric deficit. The main aim of a cutting cycle is to lose fat while trying to maintain the gains that had been acquired so far. The best steroid cutting cycle is therefore used to increase the rate at which body fat is lost as well as to add more definition to muscles by losing the excess water that was retained in muscles following a bulking cycle.

The best steroid cutting stack contains more than one cutting steroid. Cutting steroids are those synthetic anabolic androgenic steroids that have been found to have greater fat break down effects than the others. They not only increase the rate of protein synthesis in their users but also increase the rate at which fat is being metabolized.

Anavar is used in some of the best cutting stacks. This is because it is one of the steroids that have predominantly fat losing abilities. This steroid is mild on the liver. It increases the lipolysis of fat in adipose tissue. An added advantage is the fact that it does not undergo aromatization and is therefore not associated with water retention. As a result, there is greater muscle definition when you run an Anavar steroid cutting cycle.

The best cutting stack is not complete without Winstrol. Available in both oral and injectable formulation, this steroid does not undergo aromatization. The best cutting cycles use it for its ability to increase muscle definition as well as increase metabolism of fats.

Another steroid that is the base of some of the best steroid cutting cycles is Primobolan. Although it has considerably greater anabolic effects than Anavar, it is considered a mild steroid. It increases muscle growth without water retention but at a slowly progressive rate. This is beneficial as muscle gain got this way is harder to lose.

The use of these steroids for cutting stacks should vary according to the level of use the person has been exposed to. For example, advanced users have cutting cycles with more steroids while beginners have less with lower doses.

Although most of the steroids used are mild and associated with a safer side effects profile, even the best cutting cycle is associated with some.  For this reason, the cutting cycles should be combined with on cycle support supplements such as Aromatase inhibitors and exogenous Testosterone as well as post cycle therapy.