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Tips To Getting Maximum Gains From Weight Lifting

Weight lifting is the physical exercise that involves lifting barbells of progressively increasing pounds for the purpose of muscular hypertrophy, increased muscle strength and for a hard muscular look. It is done as part of the body building venture. The art of weight lifting involves two basic techniques. The first technique is the single lift from floor to a complete extension. The second technique is to lift from the floor to a flexed position and then extending it.

An important tip for weight lifting beginners is to always start lifting weights that are lower than their expected ability and to slowly work up. This is to avoid carrying weights that lead destruction of the form and finally muscular injury. An added advantage is to know when to add an extra pound to the barbells and to avoid lifting through the range of movements too fast.  More muscular tension is gained by going through the ranges of motion slowly. This allows for individual muscle fibers to be subjected to the tension and adapt by undergoing hypertrophy.

It is important to rest. Providing the body with enough rest after weight lifting, not only allows for faster muscle recovery, but also provides the body with a chance to replenish itself with endogenous hormones. Rest also maintains the stress hormone levels at a low level to prevent muscular breakdown. It also gives a sense of well being and curbs the development of depression as the levels of agitation are reduced with adequate rest.

Keeping constantly hydrated is important to get through an intense series of weight lifting exercises. 8 to 12 glasses of water are recommended for daily intake. Hydration of the body tissues provides them with a way to get toxic substances expelled from the body, through sweating and through the kidneys. Hydration maintains the good health of the kidneys as well.

Eating a well balanced diet is also fundamental to gain from lifting weights. The diet should usually contain high calories provided by increasing the protein intake and to reduce the amount of fat and processed sugar in the diet. It is also important to consume clean food. This means replacing pork and beef with fish and chicken and refraining from drinks and foods with processed sugars. A good diet ensures that there is enough protein for muscle formation and enough carbohydrates to fuel the body.

Weight lifting is one of the best ways to gain lean body mass.