Transition Questions

  • Q: I am having my first student exiting for this year with a mid-year graduation. I was wondering if the SoP form will have any changes from the template we used last year?


    No, there have not been changes in the SoP form. You are welcome to use the forms on the website by going to the Services and Resources Search and selecting from the list or by going to the Summary of Performance webpage at

  • Q: I recall attending a conference and learned about a driving capability assessment. I wrote it down and can't seem to find my notes that it is in. Anyone remember?


    Adaptive Experts does a driving capability assessment. You can view their website for more information at:

  • Q: What happened to the Transition A - Zs tab? There were videos that I use in my transition class. "What it's like to be me"


    The Transition A-Z tab is now referred to as "resources". Under the Learning Center tab, you will find "Services and Resources". Click on that to search for the items you are looking for. All items that were in the A-Z topics tab have been transferred to the new site. If you still cannot find the item you're looking for, please contact Jen Ledin ( and she will assist you.

  • Q: I would like to become a member of the Waukesha WCoT. Can you tell me who I should contact? Also, do you know when the March 6th TCN meeting will be added to the calendar? I have registered for the first two meetings and would like to register for


    Dave Nass will address your question about the Waukesha C-CoT. The TCN March dates will be on the calendar by the end of the week.

  • Q: When does an IEP officially start once the IEP meeting has been held?


    On the implementation date indicated in the IEP, but not to exceed 30 days from the date of the IEP meeting.

  • Q: What is the purpose of a Transition Advisory Council?


    The purpose of a Transition Advisory Council (TAC) also now called a County Community on Transition (CCoT) is to get transition stakholders together at the local level to improve transition programs and services with the ultimate goal to improve outcomes of students with disabilities in your county so that they are prepared for further education and the workforce. For more information about what your county's CCoT is doing go to the Transition Advisory Council page on this website and select your county!

A County Community on Transition (CCOT) is a regional community that comes together (networks) regularly to identify issues, barriers, supports & solutions to assisting students with disabilities make a successful transition based on student postsecondary goals related to training or education, employment and independent living. The key to CCOT success is sharing the work, establishing effective communication and new relationships to better work together.